Brazil FIFA's World Cup 2014 Business Opportunity

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Big Boom in Brazil's North East Economy!

Maybe you never heard about  Recife city, Ipojuca and Goiana Town all in  Pernambuco state.
But  this part of Brazil is living a great developing!
Now is operating one of two shipyard ATLÂNTICO SUL (, building a huge petroleum refinery REFINARIA ABREU E LIMA in SUAPE Ipojuca town, and for next two years it'll be opened the first car's manufacture plant (FIAT MOTORS OF BRAZIL)in Goiana town.

These investiments are attracting a lot of others investments in every area as construction, health, education( qualifing people for future jobs), and so on.

It's time for people in EUROPE, AMERICA, and ASIA to invest in Brazil! Specially in NE region!

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Reserva do Paiva

Reserva do Paiva. Pernambuco - BrasilReserva do Paiva. Pernambuco - Brasil

Reserva do Paiva. Pernambuco - BrasilReserva do Paiva. Pernambuco - BrasilReserva do Paiva. Pernambuco - BrasilReserva do Paiva. Pernambuco - BrasilWelcome to the Reserva Paiva, a new concept of living and leisure, with the hallmark of the architect Henri Michel de Fournier, who overcome a major challenge: to strike a balance between the urban architecture and responsible use of the natural resources.
After seeing the Reserva Pava, what could be more perfect?

On the Atlantic Northeast Brazil Cabo de Santo Agostinho, PernambucO

A place with na unique natural beaty that goes beyond imagination.
Reserva do Paiva is located in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Just 15 minutes away from Recife. State-of-the-art hospital facilities and outstanding gastronomy and cultural life within easy reach.


Reserva do Paiva is located only 9 miles away from Recife International Airport. It is accessed leads over a gated bridge and through a parkway, with electronic security and 24 hour assistance.

Pernambuco, unforgettable
Pernambuco is the perfect destination to enjoy, live and fall in Love. Cultural diversity, historical and artistic heritage, music, delicious cuisine, crystal water beaches and the joy os its people are the main features os Pernambuco hospitality and happiness.

Pernambuco has a cuisine full of colors, smells, and irresistible flavours. From typical dishes to a refined gastronomy, Pernambuco's touch is unforgettable.


Just 67 houses, 36 on the seafront and 31 with a sea view, designed by six experienced, nationally and internationally renowned architects. Select from among 27 different designs, one of which will be the home of your dreams.

A private club for you and your family to enjoy moments of sheer fun, relaxation and leisure.
  • Concièrge Club
  • Covered tennis court
  • Fitness room
  • Pilates room
  • Relaxation Spa
  • Sauna
  • Children's pool
  • Semi-Olympic and leisure pool
  • Terraces, solarium and look-out point
  • Reception hall
  • Discotheque
  • Bar and lounge
  • Kid´s club
  • Games room
  • Home cinema
  • Arena theater
  • Multi-sports court
  • Society football
  • Support facilities for sports
  • Jogging track
  • Cycle track
  • Golf buggy track
  • Tree-lined beach
  • Management
  • Changing rooms



Projects options include: 04 suites, dining room, 3 living rooms, terraces, deck, pool, gourmet space, and 5 parking spaces in a covered garage. 

Design optins include: home-theatre, study, poolside bar, family room, cellar, two housekeepers' rooms and 5 parking spaces for visitors.

For more information visit :

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Tambaba Country Club

Tambaba Country Club Resort is a luxury 5 star, 150 hectare tropical Brazilian paradise. Located in the north east of Brazil, south of the city of Joao Pessoa in Paraiba, Tambaba Country Club Resort benefits from equatorial year round sunshine, trade wind breezes and an average temperature of 26C.
With Tambaba Country Club Resort within five minutes of four of Brazil’s top beaches, and with over 60 different leisure and recreation facilities on site, there is something for everyone in north east Brazil’s premier country club resort.
With a strong local demand for high quality resorts, explosive national economic growth, ever increasing tourism and in a country offering so much more than just another holiday, Tambaba Country Club Resort stands head and shoulders above the rest.

                Porfolio Porfolio Porfolio

                Porfolio Porfolio Porfolio

                                                                    MASTER PLAN

Tambaba Country Club Resort is 150 hectares of prime tropical paradise, with 30 hectares of leisure activities and facilities and over 15 Hectares of preserved tropical rainforest.  Bordered with 2 fresh water and natural spring fed rivers, as well as only 5 minutes from 4 of Brazil’s top beaches, it is modelled on the highly successful European Center Parcs concept.

                               Tambaba Bay

                            LOCAL BEACHES

The capital city and the most populated city of the Brazilian state of Paraíba; it is known as the “city where the sun rises first”, due to the fact that the Seixas Cape (Ponta do Seixas), which is the easternmost spot in the Americas.
Founded in 1585, then named Nossa Senhora das Neves Town, João Pessoa is the third oldest city in Brazil, and also the last one to be founded in the country in the 16th Century. The city is also noted for its tropical climate, so pleasant for tourists; for being the largest economy (industry, trade and services), and for collecting the most taxes in the State of Paraíba; for the beauty of its beaches; and especially for the several beautiful baroque art and architectural monuments.During the UN’s Echo 92 conference about the environment, João Pessoa was granted the title of second greenest city in the world. According to an estimate based in the ratio inhabitants/green areas, the city was only behind Paris, France.

Tabatinga (from the Tupi language: Clay formed by sedimentation, soft and oily, and sometimes whitish), is a beach different from any other. There is a thorough amount of clay in this beach, a few meters away from the sea, which can be handled and shaped. Many people believe this clay has phytoterapeutic characteristics, and the tourists love to rub it on their bodies and to take some of it as a souvenir from their trip to the region. Leaving the Carapibus towards Tambaba, you will find more clayey slopes (reefs), White sands and estuary sites with mangrove swamp vegetation (two rivers/swamps).

Considered as one of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches, according to the Quarto Rodas Guide, the cove of the Coqueirinho beach is a beauty known worldwide. A good option here is to refresh oneself in its crystal-clear waters, and later take a walk to one of the region’s most traditional restaurants: The  Canyon Restaurant, located at approximately 800 meters away from the cove, is a mandatory stop for every visitor who wishes to try the local cuisine. Try the richness of the Paraiban cuisine, with all of its incomparable colors and flavors, in a paradise-like place. A good hint is the Paraiban “Moqueca” (fish stew) prepared by Chef Ana Luiza, a true pleasure to your taste.

As the name says, the place is incredible! A desert beach of white sand and waves that call for surfing and sports fishing.  Praia Bela is a place full of coconut trees and Atlantic Forest native vegetation; it still preserves its original characteristics, such as the region’s native fauna and flora. Around this area, there are allotments with terrains for sale.

Tambaba (From the Tupi language: striking water) is a divine gift with its warm and crystal-clear waters, White sands with stretches spotted with sea shells; a permanent invitation to swimming in its natural pools. The tales say that a pretty Indian girl named Tambaba lived in the region and fell in love with a warrior from another tribe. Tambaba’s father, the chief of his tribe, did not allow their marriage. Tambaba, desperate with her destiny, started crying, and her tears transformed into a lake, and later into a beach, whose mild waves were formed by her hiccoughs. It is internationally known as the only naturism beach in the Brazilian Northeast, where, in September, 2008, the 23rd International Naturism Congress took place. In the neighboring area,  Paraíba’s best real estate enterprise is located: The Tambaba Country Club Resort.

As well as geographical location Tambaba Country Club Resort was selected for its transport infrastructure and direct communication links to both residents and national/international tourists alike.
                          Tambaba Bay


Set within the coastal hills of Pitambui, and 20 minutes from the state capital of Paraiba - Joao Pessoa, Tambaba Country Club Resort is one of the leading luxury resort projects within the north east region of Brazil.

For international visitors the international airport of Joao Pessoa (recently expanded) is 15 minutes from the resort and the airport of Recife is 45 minutes away.  Joao Pessoa Airport is now receiving direct international flights from Amsterdam, following their recent International Expansion Programme. With the flight times from Europe within 7 hours and from North America less than 5 hours, Brazil’s north east coast is now easily accessible for all international tourists and the international tourism flying direct into Brazil will only further fuel the areas growth.

Tambaba Country Club benefits from being strategically positioned directly between two host cities for the 2014 Football World Cup (Natal and Recife). It also will directly benefit from the high speed road infrastructure currently underway, resulting in the highway expansion programmes connecting both Recife and Natal with Joao Pessoa city and reducing the time from Natal and Recife International airports by over 30%.

With four of Brazil’s top beaches less than 5 minutes away, the beautiful and historic city of Joao Pessoa 20 minutes, the Oscar Niemeyer Arts Centre 15 minutes and the 2500 person International Convention Centre (currently under construction) less than 10 minutes from the resort there is much to see and do outside of Tambaba Country Club.

The location basks in tropical sunshine and warm temperatures all year round, yet suffers no risk of hurricanes, monsoons or other seasonal challenges unlike other international destinations. This means it is a year round destination for sun seekers, as well as a booming local economy for residents.

                        GETTING THERE

Located on the main coastal road 15 minutes south of the state capital of Joao Pessoa, Tambaba Country Club Resort directly benefits from being 10 minutes from the new expanded BR-101 dual carriageway. This high speed road runs from the Recife International Airport through Joao Pessoa and on to Natal International Airport. The new BR-101 is a high speed road link connecting three state capital cities. 
Driving time from Tambaba Country Club Resort is:

  • 20 minutes to Joao Pessoa International Airport

  • 45 minutes to Recife International Airport

  • 90 minutes to Natal International Airport

  • Access for local Brazilians from the neighbouring states of Pernambuco and Rio Grande Do Norte, as well as the rest of Paraiba, is excellent. The location, along with new road connections already in place, makes three cities commutable for residents of this resort.

  • BY AIR

    Joao Pessoa International Airport is the closest airport to Tambaba Country Club Resort. Receiving daily flights from Rio De Janeiro, and multiple flights weekly from other major Brazilian cities such as Sao Paolo, Fortaleza, Natal, Brasilia, etc it is already well served as an internal flight destination for Brazilian Tourism.

    Recently expanded and internationally certified, Joao Pessoa International Airport also starts receiving International flights from The Netherlands in April 2010 via Arkefly (Tui Group), as well as exploring agreements with other international carriers from Europe and other Latin American cities. Considering the government initiatives to significantly expand direct international tourism (Embratur) to Joao Pessoa, Joao Pessoa is set to become one of the most popular international destinations in the north east of Brazil.

    Recife International Airport is only 45 minutes from Tambaba Country Club Resort, and is the largest international airport within the north east of Brazil. Receiving daily flights from all major cities in Brazil and mainland Europe, along with multiple weekly flights from North America and other countries within Latin America already it is the best connected airport in the north east of Brazil. Subject of a large expansion programme ahead of the FIFA 2014 world cup, Recife International provides an excellent connection for international and national tourists alike.

    Natal International Airport is less than 90 minutes from Tambaba Country Club Resort. Already popular with European carriers, it is undergoing a major expansion programme with the development of the new Sao Goncalo Do Amarente Airport ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The new airport will be the largest physical airport in Latin America, servicing both international trade distribution and international tourism. With aggressive development in the Natal area, and enhanced high speed links to Joao Pessoa providing an appealing alternative to Natal city, Tambaba Country Club Resort fits nicely within this airport’s catchment area.


                Tambaba Country Club

    Tambaba Country Club Resort is a luxury 5 star, 150 hectare tropical Brazilian paradise. Located in the north east of Brazil, south of the city of Joao Pessoa in Paraiba, Tambaba Country Club Resort benefits from equatorial year round sunshine, trade wind breezes and an average temperature of 26C.
    With Tambaba Country Club Resort within five minutes of four of Brazil’s top beaches, and with over 60 different leisure and recreation facilities on site, there is something for everyone in north east Brazil’s premier country club resort.
    With a strong local demand for high quality resorts, explosive national economic growth, ever increasing tourism and in a country offering so much more than just another holiday, Tambaba Country Club Resort stands head and shoulders above the rest.

     Tambaba Bay                     


    Tambaba Country Club Resort has been designed for universal appeal, boasting the most impressive array of resort leisure activities and facilities in the north east of Brazil. Set in the stunning rolling tropical countryside of Paraiba, and reminiscent of the hills of Tuscanny, this 150 hectare resort captures both your imagination and emotion.

    This eco-friendly 5 star resort will consist of the highest quality build of villas and is purposefully designed for both tourism and residential guests. Because of the lay of the land every villa has a view over magnificent hills and coastal forest and the resort is bordered by two fresh spring water rivers available for fishing or swimming. At Tambaba Country Club you also have over 30 hectares of protected tropical forest within your resort borders, ready to be explored at your leisure.

    Tambaba Country Club Resort takes its name from one of the four magnificent beaches within 5 minutes of the resort – Tambaba, Tabatinga, Cocquerinho and Praia Bella – which are among some of the top beaches in Brazil. When you consider Brazil has 4650 miles of coastline, it helps you understand why these beaches are special and why you are investing in a location that will benefit from all four, offering so much more than any other traditional beach resort
     Tambaba Bay


    Brazilians are some of the most health conscious and active people in the world. Whether to live or to vacation to, the country club concept is proving of significant appeal to both the local and international markets, who look for activities to compliment their time on the beach.

    As one of the leading country clubs in Brazil, Tambaba Country Club Resort is designed to provide a wealth of activities to suit all ages and taste.
    The on-site facilities and amenities include:

  • 2500 M2 Aquatic Water Park

  • Swim up Bar

  • Choice of 3 Restaurants

  • Games Room

  • Function Room

  • Cafés

  • Spa

  • Fitness Centre

  • Sauna

  • 18 Store boutique centre

  • Artificial beach area

  • Children’s Pool area

  • Kids City Play Zone

  • Children’s party room

  • Playground

  • Open Park Areas

  • Jogging Track

  • Full Size Football Pitch

  • 5-a-side Football Pitch

  • Beach Football Pitches

  • Beach Volleyball Courts

  • Poli-sports Court

  • Tennis Courts

  • Mini Golf Course

  • Jogging Trail

  • Archery

  • BMX Park

  • Skate Park

  • Mountain Bike Trails

  • Rivers & fishing areas

  • Nature Trails

  • Horse bridal paths

  • Equestrian Centre

  • Meditation Area

  • Multi Faith worship area

  • Viewing Towers

  • Stables

  • Traditional Brazilian Cottage Industry area

  • Natural flower honey farm

  • Market garden centre

  • Cachaca production area

  • Milking farm

  • Shuttle Bus service to local beaches

  • Shuttle Bus service to city centre

  • Free resort buggy shuttle service   Whether you wish to relax in the spa, fish in the river, visit one of the stunning beaches less than 5 minutes away, have your children play in one of the largest aquatic water parks in the north east or hit the half-pipe with your BMX, there is literally something for everyone.

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    Brazilian Cuisine

    The vast size of Brazil gives rise to an interesting variation in culinary experiences. Below you can gain an insight into the various types of dishes to expect from each area of Brazil.

    Brazil’s population consists of an interesting mix of Portuguese, African, Italian, German, Syrian, Lebanese and Asian origins, creating a rich cultural heritage. This ethnic mix is responsible for the great diversity to be found in the cooking styles of Brazil.
    In Brazil, food varies from area to area:

    The North

    This area covers the rain forests and tributaries of the Amazon River. Culturally, the Amazon basin is heavily populated by native Indians or people of mixed Indian and Portuguese ancestry, living on a diet of fish, root vegetables such as manioc, yams, and peanuts, plus palm or tropical fruits. The cuisine of this region is therefore heavily Indian influenced. One popular dish is Caruru do Para, a one-pot meal of dried shrimps, okra, onion, tomato and coriander.

    The Northeast

    Inland, the north east region is semi-arid and used for cattle rearing. Here foods typically include ingredients like dried meat, rice, beans, goat, manioc and corn meal.
    On the fertile coastal plain, Brazil’s important sugar cane and cacao growing area is located. The spectacular beaches to be found here are responsible for Brazil's fastest growing tourist region. Within the State of Bahia the predominant cuisine is Afro-Bahian, which evolved from plantation cooks improvising on African, Indian, and traditional Portuguese dishes while using locally available ingredients.
    On the other coastal plains the influence on food is less African while seafood, shellfish, and tropical fruits remain menu staples.

    The Central West

    This region comprises open, dry savannahs or prairies with woodlands in the north. The famous Pantanal, one of the finest game and fishing regions on Earth, is also located within this region.
    Fish from the main rivers as well as beef and pork from the vast ranches of the region dominate the menu. In addition, agricultural crops of soybean, rice, corn and manioc are commonly eaten.

    The Southeast

    This is the industrial area of Brazil and it is home to the several distinctive styles of cooking.
    In Minas the regional dishes include a lot of corn, pork, beans, and local soft cheeses. Around Rio and Sao Paulo a simmered bean and meat dish of Bahian origin, feijoada completa, is popular especially in restaurants for lunch. Another popular dish is arroz-feijao (rice and beans). Traditionally, black beans are prepared in Rio, red or white beans in Sao Paulo, and either black or red in Minas Gerais.
    In Sao Paulo, the influence of European and North African immigrants is strong in the region's cuisine. The majority of these origins are Italian, Portuguese, Arab and Spanish.

    The South

    This is home to the national cuisine of the Gaucho (cowboy), dishes made with sun or salt dried meats and churrasco, a meal of wood fire grilled fresh meats.
    The immigrant homesteaders developed a wheat based diet. They were agricultural people who worked the land and introduced wine, leafy vegetables, and dairy products to the Brazilian diet. When potatoes were not available they improvised and discovered the native sweet manioc could be cooked and served in the same way as potatoes.

    Typical Brazilian Foods

    Beans (feijao) - Beans appear on the table daily in a great variety of forms and colors. Some people consider the black bean (feijao preto) to be the preferred national bean. It is not uncommon, however, to find dried red beans, white, brown, pink or black-eyed beans, as well as chick peas in the local markets.
    Coconut - An important ingredient throughout the country, coconut is used in soups, cocktails, poultry, fish, and shellfish recipes, as well as in sweet dishes. Coconut is used in various forms: unripe green coconuts (cuco verde); ripe yellow or brown coconuts (cuco amarelo); the soft, almost buttery textured meat from green coconuts (cuco de agua); or grated (cuco ralado).
    Dendi oil (azeite de dendi) - A heavy tropical oil extracted from the African palm of Northern Brazil. This is one of the basic ingredients in Bahian or Afro-Brazilian cuisine and it adds a rich flavour and bright orange colour to foods. There is no equivalent substitute.
    Dried, salted cod (bacalhau) - Introduced by the Portuguese, bacalhau is a common appetizer, soup ingredient, main course and even a savory pudding. The fish is soaked in cold water in large pieces with the skin and bone removed for three to four hours, changing the water every hour.
    Dried shrimp (camarao seco)- In various sizes, dried shrimps are used in many dishes from the northern regions of the country. Before cooking, the shrimps are covered with cold water and soaked overnight (without refreshing with new water) and the water is discarded before they are used.
    Lemon - Most recipes in Brazil contain lemon. In Brazil the lemon is quite green, small and tart, and is more similar to limes as we know them.
    Rice, Brazilian style (arroz brasileiro or arroz simples) - Long-grained, fluffy rice briefly sauteed in garlic and oil before adding boiling water. In addition to garlic, some Brazilian cooks use small amounts of onion, diced tomato, or sliced black olives for extra flavour.
    Toasted Manioc Meal (farofa or farinha de mandioca) - Manioc flour lightly is sauteed in butter until it resembles buttered bread crumbs and other ingredients are added.

    Banking In Brazil

    Many Brazilian banks have ATMs enabling you to withdraw foreign currency during your stay in Brazil. If you have a Brazilian bank account, you are advised to compare commission rates for money transfers to and from Brazil as these will vary.

    In most Brazilian banks you will find some English speaking employees, particularly in the foreign exchange section of the bank.
    Although Brazil is predominantly a cash economy, the use of debit and credit cards is on the increase. The development of consumer services such as debit and credit cards is an ongoing procedure, while today personal cheques are almost unknown as a method of payment for locals.
    Cheques and credit cards are mainly used by foreigners. Debit card payments are commonly accepted in hotels, many retail chains and fuel stations.
    The Association of Commerce Banks (ACB) is a body which represents all recognized financial institutions in Brazil and as such acts as a bond of reputability.

    List of Brazilian ACB member banks:

    • Bulbank
    • Biochim
    • Central Cooperative Bank
    • Economic & Investment Bank
    • Demirbank
    • Encouragement Bank
    • Eurobank
    • ING Bank
    • First Investment Bank
    • Roseximbank
    • Expressbank
    • Societe Generale
    • Union Bank
    • United Brazilian Bank
    • Bank DSK
    • Procredit Bank
    • Tokuda Bank Plc